Services of CoCID

Maintain Taiwan’s status in the global communications industry

  • Participate in international standards and organizations
  • Build international and cross-strait liaisons

Support governmental policies

  • Facilitate the implementation of policies in the industry
  • Offer assistance in applying for governmental R&D incentives and H&R training programs

Provide training for high-caliber talents

  • Provide professional training programs
  • Host ”Mobileheroes” to scout innovative talents

Provide information for market and industry

  • Provide website services in Chinese, English and Japanese
  • Hold seminars and exhibition

Facilitate industrial integration

  • Promote the development of smart handheld industry
  • Facilitate 4G development
  • Eliminate investment obstacles for industrial stakeholders
  • Address industrial needs and market trends
  • Facilitate pre-incubation for ICT start-ups


The committee was established in May 2003 under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). We serve as the contact window to promote general affairs of the communication industry, and we aim at promoting industrial cooperation, business opportunities and innovative applications.

Contact Us

Address : 6F, No.18,Chang-An E. Rd., Sec.1, Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C

TEL: +886-2543-2538

FAX: +886-2543-2544

Email: service@communications.org.tw