2017 MWC Barcelona

Taiwan Pavilion 


l   Everspring Industry Co., Ltd. : Home security system

l   Agema: SDN, Open Networking Solutions

l   ITRI: Y5 bus, UDN

l   Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.: Smart Accessibility

l   ChaseWind Co., Ltd.: Cycling glasses

l   LITEON/LEOTek: Smart Street Light, City System Intergration

l   Linker Networks: 5G, Machine Learning, IoT

Mobile World Congress 2017 will see the debut of the Taiwan Pavilion in Hall 7, managed by world renowned innovation centre ITRI on behalf of the Industrial Development Bureau, Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Pavilion features cutting edge technologies for consumers, operators and businesses.

From the moment you leave the house in the morning, you know your residence is in good hands because there is a versatile butler. Everspring HomeSys presents the comprehensive solution of integrated services, with theft and disaster prevention, energy saving and environmental control, healthcare management, video surveillance and other functions, providing a comphrehensive hardware, App and cloud services platform.

Chasewind’s cycling glasses, specifically designed for biking features wireless connectivity with sensors (for heart rate and cadence monitoring), voice chat, GPS location tracking and sharing. In case of an accidental fall, SOS broadcast will automatically notify the other riders. The cycling glasses are also equipped with augmented reality (AR) technology to enhance the riding experience and rider’s safety.

Chunghwa Telecom assists the disadvantaged visually impaired to navigate the city freely with the help of its services, such as alert to dangers in the surrounding, and also a two-way volunteer video service to provide immediate assistance to the visually impaired. Not only that, Chunghwa Telecom’s accessible service has developed its versatile and commercial value. Combined with an app to provide personal and networking information, users can easily find facilities, stores, and even seek for emergency assistance. This service also allows store owners and station operators to be connected, and to provide better services to the public while creating a higher customer service satisfaction.

LITEON’s smart light poles (present in the Pavilion) feature flood monitoring, surveillance services with street and traffic lights, using the city's most abundant carrier "street lights" to intergrate all the smart solutions in the city. 

Y5Bus IoV (internet of vehicles) offers a combination of fleet management with passenger safety and entertainment features. Using real-time video streaming and driver assistance, fleet efficiency can be optimised. The app also provides passengers with access to a range of OTT entertainment and information services while they travel. The ITRI V2X solution adds cross-road collision avoidance by integrating an on-board unit (OBU) with roadside units.

ITRI’s Ultra Dense Network (UDN) solution is designed to solve interference issues in multiple, small-cell wireless networks. The efficiency of this solution in delivering sufficient down and uplink capacities in a real-world setting will be demonstrated at the Pavilion. Agema, the leading provider of open networking solutions for data center, carrier, service provider and enterprise networks will be showing its next generation solutions for SDN. Linker Networks will be highlighting its Cloud Machine Intelligence based on Kubernetes software.These solutions form the core structure of the city network, supporting the entire theme of the city’s smart infrastructure and network management system. Under this environment, the Taiwan Pavilion shows the real world impact of communications technology today.

Time:2017. Feb. 27 (Monday) - Mar. 2 (Thursday)

Booth:Hall 7, 7C50, Fira Gran Via, Barcelona

Contact:Phoebe Tseng


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