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Submission deadline: Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

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To push Taiwan’s SDN industry forward, the MoEA’s Industrial Development Bureau, together with the MoEA’s Committee of Communications Industry Development, Taiwan SDN Alliance and Chunghwa Telecom Data Communications Business Group are hosting the 2015 SDN Contest.

The purpose of the contest is to discover, develop, and encourage talents in SDN innovative applications. This contest is open to all organizations and individuals worldwide that interested in developing SDN applications.


Submission Requirements

  1. The scenario in the submission must be complied with the SDN architecture.
  2. Contestants must choose an application to implement and demonstrate the scenario. While contestants are free to choose their desired field and application for implementation, extra points will be awarded accordingly to contestants whom solve the specific problems proposed by the industry. (For the list of specific problems, please refer to the official website.)
  3. The entrants may use existing open-source, OpenStack) or design private interfaces for data communications between application-control and control-forwarding layers.
  4. The finalists must demonstrate their solutions or applications on site.


Judging Criteria

l  Innovation and Uniqueness: Is it an SDN innovative application or concept? Or is it a new SDN approach to a traditional network problem?

l  Application of technology: Is there strong technical foundation?

l  Advancement: Is it a better way to do something more efficiently/effectively compared to the legacy technology?

l  Completeness

l  Business value: Is the solution feasible to be turned into a business solution in the future?

l  Relevance: Does it answer the need from the industry?

l  Presentation skills



Please refer to the official website.


Eligibility Requirements

l   Participants could be an individual or a team consisting of no more than 5 people.

l   Talents from the academy or industry are all invited.

l   The submission must not be a commercial product sold in the market.

l   Each team may have advisors, no more than 2 people.

l   Advisors are not allowed to participate in presentation and on-site demo.

l   The entrant is not allowed to be other team’s advisor.

l  The advisor’s name and any symbols which represent or imply the participant’s school or company are not allowed to be shown in any submitted documents or video.



l   First Place: NT$300,000

l   Second Place: NT$200,000

l   Third Place: NT$100,000

l   Best Student Award: NT$50,000

l   Market Potential Award: NT$50,000

l   Honorable Mention: NT$10,000



経済部は国家科学委員会の「電気通信国家型科学技術プロジェクト」を達成するために (現在「ネットワーク通信国家型科学技術プロジェクト計画」を継続運営させています) 、 2003 年5月に「経済部通信産業発展推進委員会」を設立し、主に無線通信、ブロードバンドインターネット、及び応用サービスなどの三大重点産業を推進しています。本委員会は、台湾の通信産業を急速に発展させることをめざすだけではなく、それ以外の半導体、ソフトウェア、情報、コンシューマエレクトロニクスなどの関連産業にも発展させることに努めます。